Coming into week 3 of a churning tummy.

Prilosec seems to help a bit; perhaps I have a stomach ulcer or some such jazz? I’m not on NSAIDs right now, just in case, which also seems to make a difference, but that means I can barely move because my arthritis is unchecked.

What a thrilling saga this is turning into for me. I feel like I should submit myself to Emory as a case study: 24 year old female with the arthritis of an 80 year old and no stomach lining.

Still feel alright otherwise. A little depressed because I can’t do everything I was, but generally ok. Food is staying down, no passing out episodes, a little dizzy now and again, but I have vertigo and the weather/ seasons are changing… That sets it off sometimes.

We’ll see. Hopefully, I can scrounge together some time off to go see my GP. Gotta make sure my bills are paid first, though.

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